WordPress is one of the best CMS available out there. WordPress is powering more than 28% of the websites on the internet. If you are a business owner who is looking for an easy way to increase sales then WordPress is the perfect solution. It’s much easy to use that anyone can manipulate. While it takes much knowledge to build a professional WordPress setup. As a developer, I know the importance of User Experience and User Interface. So we always try to provide looks with feel.

WordPress setup – standard package

wordpress setup

First of all, right now we are only providing a single package that includes a professional WordPress setup. It includes WordPress installation, database creation, 8 most useful plugins setup, theme installation with additional CSS to make it look unique and professional. In addition to all, there are many additional add-on services for you to choose from.



Timing is a crucial factor in term of a service. We know the importance of time. The standard package is much faster which ensures a 2 days delivery. Additionally, we support 1-day delivery also which will take an extra 5$.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Its the main ingredient which helps you to get listed higher on search engine results. The better your SEO the easier it gets to gain huge traffic. The standard package is SEO friendly so you don’t even have to spend extra for it.

Business mail

If you are willing to create a brand then you must use a business mail. Every time you send subscription emails or offers via your business mail it creates a positive impression. It looks much more professional and helps you to build trust among subscribers. With the standard package, you can get a business mail at just extra 5$ within 2 days.

E-commerce setup

E-commerce setup is an add-on service for the standard package. You can sell your products online to a huge range of visitors with just extra 5$. Additionally, you will get this within just 24 hours.

Additional plugin setup

If you want to install and set up some additional features you can get it just for extra 5$. Suppose if you want to change the layout for mobile devices to make it faster. Then you can simply apply for this add-on service and you will see the changes within 1 day.

If you are looking for live demos, follow the links below.

Other demos will be added soon.

Currently, we are not selling directly, we are using fiveer.

I can assure you that with our services you will get an SEO friendly professional looking WordPress site. So what are you waiting for grab this offer just at 5$?